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and LUT


Sony VENICE 6K Full Frame Cinema camera

The original Technicolor LUT files
special developed for the Sony Venice camera

The Sony Venice, a full-frame digital cinema camera with phenomenal color science and creative versatility.

The Sony Venice cinema camera is known for its beautiful image and brilliant colors.
It is now possible to determine the correct color settings and atmosphere on the film set
and to easily implement these in the post-processing process.

Both for the dailies, for the offline edit or as a base/starting point for color grading post-processing.

Thanks to this handy and smart way of working, we are assured of a correct color rendering and we can save a lot of time with a better result. The colour LUT used on the film set is now easier to use in the post production process

Here you can download the TECHNICOLOR LUT files for on-set monitoring and color grading. Special designed for use with  the VENICE motion picture camera.


Use the Cube or ART file and simply add it in the color settings of your edit program.

Other Sony software special made to use with te Venice files:

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