✅Let's keep safe

      COVID19 wireless video monitor system,

     watch live video on your mobile phone and keep a save distance


cinema equipment


Camera set

  • Sony Cinealta F5  s35 sensor 4KRAW 

  • Intergrated RAW recorder

  • Cinelenses, primes en zooms

  • Focus remote system complete

  • Mattebox & grips

  • On board 5 inch monitor

  • +50 effect filters

  • Cards and readers

Wireless video

  • Wireless video transmitter & receiver sets (long distance)

  • COVID19 monitor system, watch video on your mobile phone


  • Large director monitors 24 inch.

  • Handheld wireless monitors 7 inch 

  • FocusPuller monitor system

Focus remote systeem wireless

  • Focus remote handunit

  • 3 motors 

  • Cables and batteries

Video assist

  • Video assist Pix recorder 


Steadycam set

Smartsystem set

  • Extreme Sled

  • ArmX1 (payload 34KG)

  • Betz Wave 1 

  • Highbright monitor,

  • ZENhorizon



  • Cine slider Prosup Tango

  • EJib Prosup

  • Tripods

  • Dolly

  • Car mount 

  • Innovative set carts


  • HMI

  • Led + Led RGB

  • Tungsten 

  • Special light

  • Stands

  • Power supply

  • Screens, chromakey & backgrounds 


  • Smoke/hazer machine


  • V-mount Batteries and chargers

  • Portable power station to power light, battery's and data transfer.

Communication on set

  • Handsfree headsets (camera, AC, grip)

  • Portofoon radio sets + earpiece



  • Wireless microphone sets



  • Camera-truck, fully equipped and ready to go

  • onboard Coffee machine

  • onboard Airco

All the equipment is safely transported in flighcases and heavy duty bags


   🎗Safety on the FIlm Set - NEW

      COVID19 wireless video monitor system,

      watch live video on your mobile phone and keep a save distance

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